Professions That Are Well On Their Way To Disappearing Forever

The dizzying development rate of modern technology has done plenty of good for our world. However, it has also turned a lot of once-thriving careers into professions that are becoming less and less relevant. If it isn’t robots filling in for factory workers, it’s the newest app cutting out another middle man. In an era built for speed, many seasoned workers are scratching their heads wondering: which jobs will vanish next?

1. Motor Vehicle Electronic Equipment Installers

Back in the day, a car radio, a CD player, and a mean set of speakers meant the world. One could be expected to go for a cruise with their favorite tunes blaring down the block. So if they broke down, you would immediately cancel all your plans, and get the problem repaired by an electronic equipment installer as quickly as possible.

Dying Professions


By today’s standards, a car doesn’t even need to have a radio or disc player. You can plug in your phone and rock out to your favorite Spotify playlist. Also, most speakers are wireless and have Bluetooth capabilities. This has put electronic equipment installers out of work. However, they can redeem themselves by mastering digital and robotic technology.

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